Freelance ballerina trying to hack it in NYC with her British husband and ridiculous golden retriever by her side.

I don’t know anything about auditions.  I’m just really good at failing at them.  Here’s my story of 100 auditions.

Other interests include yoga, fashion, coffee, bad reality tv, and spending way too much time on Pinterest and Instagram.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey,
    Just saw your post about the Sleep No More audition.
    I’m attending the same one in a couple weeks. The one thing I’ve heard about it was that it was mainly improv (very good to know). Any insight or suggestion into what they’re looking for or how to dress? I’m not expecting to get it but I would just like to be as best prepared as possible
    Thanks! and good luck to you on your endeavors!

    1. Hi Cloe!

      Have a look at my post. Definitely wear whatever you would wear to a contemporary dance audition, but nothing too baggy.

      The best advice I can give is to take their direction and just be yourself. Turn off your inner critic.

      Best of luck! You never know what will happen so just have fun!


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