Audition #29: The Metropolitan Opera Ballet (Take 3)

Sorry for the long break guys!  Life has gotten crazy busy in a good way so I’m playing catch up on these posts now.  Let’s start with the obligatory annual Met Opera Ballet auditions, which took place back in April I think (sorry!).  After I catch up a little I’ve got some news!  So here we go:

This is my third time attending this massive open call. I’m not AGMA yet so of course I need to attend the non-union women’s call.  I got a little inside knowledge from my friend who attended the union auditions the day before though – she had just spent the last season dancing with them and told me how they ran the audition and what they seemed to be looking for.  I know, it’s *kinda* cheating, but anything you can do to get a little edge, right?  😀

The call was scheduled to start around 11, and I got there pretty early – around 9:30 am.  There was already a pretty long line of girls outside of the door at Lincoln Center.  Around 10 they let us in and we got our numbers – mine was already something ridiculous like 187.  I know that the numbers started in the 80’s and I watched them climb as I warmed up in the lobby/waiting area.  I estimated at least 300 were there for the call.

They took the first group in a little before 11 am, and I ended up being in the second group.  At this point, I’m familiar with how they run these open calls for the Met, but it is always a mixed bag as far as audition material when you actually get in the room.  In the past, it’s been anything from an avant guarde contemporary combo, to a ballet class, and everything in between.  My union friend had told me they did a ballet class followed by a short piece of repertory, but since there were about 50-60 in each group (compared to a total of 80 AGMA women the day before) they skipped straight to the repertory.  It ended up being a very jazzy, showgirl kinda combination with slightly complicated arms.

My friend had advised me to focus more on energy than the dance steps, and to not take myself too seriously.  I took her advice, and I kinda messed up some of the arm-ography, but I gave them all the sass I could muster.  I actually think with many more non-union dancers to see, that they may have put precision of movement and the ability to learn the combination as a slightly larger priority than they did with the union dancers, so that’s something to keep in mind for the future.

After we did the combination in groups of five (only once each group!) we did a simple grande jete across the floor.  It made me glad I had given myself a really good warm up before the audition.  After that, they called back about 5 dancers and I was sadly not one of them.  Another Met open call down!



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