Auditon #28: XAOC Contemporary Ballet

This audition for XAOC Contemporary Ballet was my favorite type of audition – the workshop audition!  What this means is you go take a workshop and/or class with the company, and while you are in class, they audition you.  Many auditions, especially in ballet, have the same format for regular auditions, but I like the workshop audition for several reasons:

1) You can convince your brain that you’re just taking a class, so it takes some of the pressure off.

2) The company generally charges a fee for the workshop, but it also means they don’t make any cuts, so you get to stay the whole time and get the same benefit you would from taking a class. So the fee isn’t as much of a burn as an audition fee.

3) You get to work on the company’s repertory for a lot longer than a regular audition.  Super bonus!

XAOC Contemporary Ballet got even more bonus points because all of the proceeds from their workshop went to benefit Headbands of Hope.  So I get to take a long ballet class, learn repertory from a company I’m interested in dancing with, AND it’s all for a good cause?  Awesome.  Best day ever.

I had seen XAOC perform at a few different shows, so I was already a little familiar with their work.  I loved these ladies right off the bat – they were all young and energetic and brought a great positive vibe to the room.  And the entire class was set to pop music – totally my kind of ballet class.

I have to admit that the barre was a little hard to keep up with because the music was super fast and the exercises (especially frappe!) were ambitious, but I was having fun.  In the center, I got to do pirouettes to the Spice Girls, so I can check that off my bucket list.

We spent the rest of the workshop on repertory and I really enjoyed it.  We did a few different pieces and moved pretty quickly, but for me the rep was the right mix of classical and contemporary pointe work.  Again, this is why the workshop audition is awesome – I just had so much fun, and it didn’t feel like an audition.

After the workshop, I thanked them and got this photo with the artistic director and some of the company members:

XAOC Contemporary BalletThat’s me on the right, next to the artistic director.

She did say she was looking for lots of dancers, but unfortunately, I got an email saying thanks but no thanks.  I’m not dis-heartened by this, though.  Quite the contrary.  I’m following all their work (and all their photos on Instagram!) and hoping for another chance in the near future to either work with them or attend another workshop and/or audition.  Rock on ladies!



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