Audition #26: Ballet, Inc.

Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you all have a fun weekend planned.  Mine includes a whole ton of dancing, and a contemporary company audition, which I’ll be writing about later.  Right now, I want to write about an audition I did earlier this year for Ballet, Inc.

I was a little shaken from the first ballet audition of the year, but as this was a contemporary company, I managed to talk myself into going. Plus, I really, really love their repertory.

It was a mid-sized audition as far as numbers.  It started with a ballet barre, which we were given the option of doing on pointe or on flat.  I decided to do it en pointe.  We then moved to a center adagio, a short piece of repertory, and then standard “tombe, pas de bourree, glissade, jete” grande allegro back and forth across the floor one at a time.

I surprised myself at this audition.  Unlike the last one, I learned all the combinations fairly quickly, and I felt like the repertory piece they taught us “sat” really well in my body.  It was easier for me to learn, I was having fun dancing it, and it just felt better than just about anything I had been asked to do at the last ballet audition I attended.  This reminded me of an important idea: when you attend an audition, in a sense, you are auditioning the company as much as they are auditioning you.  You want to dance for a company who’s work and repertory fits your instrument as a dancer, and ideally, one with other people who you want to work with.  It’s good to know your strengths and what kind of repertory you are best suited for, and this contemporary ballet choreography was speaking to me.

They made a cut, and my number was not called.  So I went to thank the auditors (the artistic director and, I assumed, assistant/company member).  Do you remember what I said about always thanking your auditors after an audition?  DO IT!

When I went up to thank them, one of the auditors looked at me, and said, “Oh, actually, I want to see more of you.  Can you stay for a bit?”  Boom!  Uhh, yes.  Yes, I can. 🙂

Show your face, people!  You never know what could happen.

I didn’t make the next cut, but I was thrilled that I got to stay and learn more of their rep.  And the fact that I was noticed gave me a huge confidence boost.  I would be super excited to audition for this company again.

I learned before I left that the company was actually teaching an open contemporary ballet class in a studio in Brooklyn.  So a couple weeks later I went and it was a blast – and they remembered me!  Unfortunately, my schedule wouldn’t allow me to get out there again and it doesn’t look like the class is going on anymore, but I’m keeping my eye out for any workshops or open classes they might have so I can better learn their work.  I’m a huge fan.

So, there you go.  Going into the weekend on a positive note, which I hope to carry into my audition tomorrow.  Feel free to share your weekend dance plans in the comments below. 🙂



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