OMG Where have I been?!

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet for so long, everyone.  I have big news that I will reveal in due time, when appropriate.  I have yet to post the blog for my Radio City Ensembe Audition (year 2!) and I have more coming up, though admittedly, I’ve been off the formal audition circuit this year to hone my ballet technique and create some of my own work.  Like I said, details will ensue.

My Radio City Audition Redux post will be up shortly, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this article from the Huffington Post, about dancers and earning money.  I found it interesting and timely, and certainly something all us dancers seeking paid professional work should consider.

Next one up soon!


2 thoughts on “OMG Where have I been?!

  1. Hello Ms. Katrina, I hope that you are doing well!
    Although you haven’t created new posts in a while, I understand that life must be so busy and hectic, and taking care of your health and body come first. I hope that you are in good health, and still dancing. I just discovered your blog today while browsing the internet, looking for real-life advice about professional dancing from real dancers that are out there, hoping, auditioning, and dancing. As a college Dance major, I have been so confused as to what to do with my life, and have been questioning if pursuing a life in dance was really the right thing for me to do. Your blog is so entrancing and is so REAL, and I couldn’t help but to read through all your posts. I am forever grateful to you for allowing me to take a glimpse into your life. You have inspired me so much to stay strong and never give up. You are a beautiful soul, and I know that you will let your light bring positivity to this world. Thank you.

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