Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all have lovely plans for today, whether it’s with a significant other or friends (one of my friends is going to be playing for a Valentine’s Day Waltz Ball, so if you are in NYC and not previously engaged, I recommend checking it out), but I wanted to take this quick opportunity to talk about the red that I’m sporting today.

This Valentine’s Day, in ballet class, we were given red ribbons to wear in honor of Dancers Responding to AIDS.  Over the years, this disease has affected our dance community deeply and claimed the lives of many amazing artists.

In the midst of consumerist hype, over-run flower shops, drugstore candy, the ridiculously long lines outside of Godiva, and even Twitter feeds from single people taking yet another annual opportunity to spout like religious zealots about how much they hate Valentine’s Day (aka Single Awareness Day), I proudly wear this red to remind myself and hopefully others about what really matters.

Take a look at DRA and try it.  You might just find that your singleness or complicated relationship status is slightly less annoying on one of the most notoriously annoying holidays of the year when you look to a cause like DRA.

And if that doesn’t work, let this story or this one remind you that it’s worth it to hold out for a relationship worth a lifetime.  Kudos to you if you already have it, like my lovely parents, who have been married for over a quarter century. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!


One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Thank you our more beautiful daughter…… Your father and I don’t need the flowers, candy and “fluff” of this holiday….or any other holiday for that matter. We have each other – and you. Life has been good for us. Oh – we are going to shoot for the “longest married couple”! Does it count that we have known each other since 2nd grade????

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