Audition #22: Peridance Contemporary Dance Company

This audition is an example of an annual company audition.  Usually these are held every year to find new dancers, whether there are available company positions or not.  As I’d find out later in the audition,  there were only “0-2” company positions available.  Sigh…

We were told to expect a ballet class followed by repertory.  I was ready for Eglevsky Ballet Redux and more prepared than last time.  There were over 100 dancers in the room, male and female.

Just to give you an idea, here is the room (which is two large studios with the dividing wall removed) with HALF the number of dancers that were auditioning.  This is after the first cut – he kept about half of those auditioning.  Obviously not me since I’m outside, but more on that later.  Sorry I gave it away.

We started at the barre.  I did NOT wear pink tights.   I knew half the faces in the room from classes, shows, and other auditions.  I knew there was going to be some ridiculous technique going on, but I was not feeling as in over my head as before.  I got all the combinations.  I executed a solid barre.

We moved to the center.  We went in groups of 20 (of course I’m #10, grrr) so I was in the first group.  Each group got to do the combination twice, and I wasn’t afraid at to put myself front and center when I could, even if I didn’t do it perfectly.  I was ready to show off my strengths (hello double en dehors attitude turn, what!!), and the only thing I really screwed up was the directional change on the petite allegro.  My developes still need work but what else is new?

In short, of course I still have technical work to do, but this is the first audition where I felt I did potentially belong there.

I didn’t make the cut, but neither did some of the artistic director’s own students that he sees weekly if not daily (which he apologized for before making the cut).  There was one dancer I recognized from the Dance Iquail audition.  She has amazing technique and beautiful legs and did everything nearly perfectly.  She got cut with me as well.

Why am I pointing this out?  Because I showed up and I did my work and I’m proud of what I accomplished.  I was in control of my dancing and I know I’m better and stronger than I was at my last ballet audition.  Everything else is out of my control.  Especially company politics.



2 thoughts on “Audition #22: Peridance Contemporary Dance Company

  1. I think you have titled this one incorrectly – Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company didn’t have auditions during this time block, and are a modern/contemporary company, not ballet! Best of luck on your journey!

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