Audition #21: SwiShwish Dance Company

I’m not gonna lie – I cannot even pronounce that.  Hey everyone – say “SwiShwish” ten times fast!  GO!

So this audition falls more into the realm of a practice audition for me, mostly because it is non-paying and working with students/recent graduates.  Which is great.  I need more of those.

I wore a flashy new leotard, thanks to the Discount Dance gift card I got from mom and dad for Christmas.  Thanks mom and dad! Considering most of my leotards were 10+ years old, it was time to update my dance wardrobe.

The audition was on the Hunter College campus, which I’ve been to before and I know is very confusing, but they said there would be people with signs.  I got off the train on the Upper East Side and yeah there were… no people with signs.  I checked in at the welcome center and got instructions to the studio.  Up the escalator, over the bridge, turn right, elevator to the 6th floor.  Apparently I took the wrong bridge of three possible bridges, but a kind passerby finally pointed me in the right direction.  Sheesh.

When I finally made it to the studio, a very sweet girl in a SwiShwish t-shirt welcomed me in and gave me the largest amount of paperwork I’ve ever had to fill out for an audition.  This seems to happen with non-paying student-run companies as the second largest amount of paperwork was for my MELange dance audition and they asked me along with questions about my schedule, “what I considered my strengths and weaknesses as a dancer”.  For this one I had to read through the company contract.

I was one of only nine dancers auditioning that day.  We had plenty of time to warm up and then were told that the audition would be run a little “different.”  We were only going to do one combination and then some improv.  Only one? I thought that was standard.  Little did I know that the combination was going to end up being almost a full minute in length.

We started into the combo and it was pretty standard contemporary fare.  We were given no defined counts with the music.  It took us an hour and a half to learn the whole thing. Phew!  That’s a whole class!

Anyway, it was a free workout and I was definitely having it.  It was fun and I was dancing.  That’s all that really matters.  The music was original and it was pretty cool.  We split into three groups of three and did the combination twice through the groups.  At the end of the second round, she asked us to improv after we finished.  I thought “Oh I can do this!  The music is so fun I can actually improv for once! For once!!”

I was shocked and appalled that after the first group went, they STOPPED THE MUSIC once the combo was done.  Ahh!  How was I going to do improv without any music to go off of?  I considered asking them to leave the music on, then thought that wouldn’t be fair to the other groups that went before me.  So I just went ahead and did it.  What the hell.

And that was it.  Two hours long.  Huge combo, unmotivated improv, nine dancers.  I haven’t gotten a call or an email.  On one hand I am a little discouraged by this, but on the other, I’m mildly relieved.  It leaves more room for other potential work.



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