Audition #14: MELange Dance Company

Today I attended a company audition for a contemporary company called MELange Dance.  I got to wear this super cool felt number. I had to give it back though after the audition.

For once it didn’t matter if I wasn’t early.  They had pre-assigned me a number.  Boo.

It was a two hour audition and a small group.  There were only 20-25 girls in the whole room I believe.

I thought we were going to be doing a huge contemporary routine, but the audition was in three sections starting with BALLET!

Yes!  I may not be the best ballerina in a room full of more experienced ballerinas but I can KICK ASS at ballet in a room full of contemporary dancers.  They taught us a short adagio with pirouettes.  I rocked it.

THEN we proceeded with the huge contemporary routine.  Most of which traveled SIDEWAYS in a super small room and most of which happened on the floor.  It was a beautiful routine but really hard to have all 20-25 of us rolling around on the floor like crazy.

At one point I was actually KICKED IN THE HEAD by another dancer.  Awesome.  I got kicked pretty hard in my left ear and it took me 5-10 minutes to recover.  My ears rang for a little bit and my face turned bright red.  Nothing too serious though since I was able to keep going.

We did the combination in groups of four.  I felt pretty good about it until I started watching some of the other groups.  Dancers who had not stood out to me in the ballet portion were suddenly rocking this routine like crazy.  Sigh.  I can’t win.  I’m not ballet enough for ballet and too ballet for contemporary.  Where do I fit in? We did the combination twice and then they had us do some improv.

Normally I’m ok with improv but these contemporary dancers were doing all kinds of crazy stuff.  Some of them.  Some people who I hadn’t noticed in either of the first two portions of the audition I noticed during the improv.  Sometimes it seemed to have more to do with the music than the dancer.  I didn’t like the music they gave me and didn’t connect to it.  I tried to look like I was having fun even though I was not. I have no idea about the improv portion.  I did my best!

They made no cuts during the whole audition.  We went through the groups again and did the combination one last time.  I tried to gain clarity in the movement and steal some things from the dancers I liked, and still keep my own unique quality.  I’m not sure how I did.

More contemporary classes are in order.  Lesson learned.  Start throwing yourself at the floor, Katrina.  Do I not do enough of that in gymnastics class?  Sigh.


P.S. – Pictures from my latest Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot were featured on Grishko’s Facebook Fan Page!  Check it out!  Also, I am hoping to have some exciting news soon.  Keep you posted…


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