Audition #8: Company XIV

This past Monday, I attended the audition for Company XIV.  I had never heard of them before, but I found the posting on Dance NYC and when I saw their work online, I was super excited.  Classical technique, baroque with a dark cabaret twist, burlesque, and high drama and spectacle?  Umm… that has me written all over it.  I made sure “wearing pasties” was listed under special skills on my resume and headed out to the open call in Brooklyn.

Another numbered audition, yay!  I’m lucky number 61.  I wrote my number on the card they provided, and then I decided it was too small.  I should be proud I’m number 61.  So I re-wrote it a little more boldly.

Then I did this little trick that I learned in the Spellbinding Burlesque workshop I took last Saturday.  Maybe I shouldn’t be giving it away but my readership isn’t too huge :).  Veronica showed us that if you ever want to feel powerful and own a room, all you have to do is stand in the door and take in the space for 120-150 seconds.  Everyone, apparently, instinctually looks at the door sometime every 120 seconds, give or take.  Everyone also instinctually avoids standing in the door, so I guess if you have the balls to it puts you in a position of power.  So I stood in the door.  I hope it worked…

Anyway, there were about 150 dancers there.  The first thing we learned was a simple gesture sequence.  I could tell that the artistic director was definitely looking for the intention behind the movement more than the movement itself.  There were no counts either, all on our own time.

I did this in my group and made the first cut.  Woohoo!  I actually made a first cut for a company audition.  Go figure.  They kept about 50 people I think.

We continued with the same combination but it quickly spiraled from simple gestures into utter craziness involving battement fouettes, crazy turns and a lot of head whipping.  I somehow started to figure it out.  I was definitely able to think about more than the steps and my technique and adding some nuance.  Always a good thing.

I watched everyone else and I saw some really lovely dancers that I thought were interesting to watch and who had lovely technique.  Neither I nor they made the second cut.  He kept about 20 people I think. The women he did keep were not like me.

Conclusion: possibly typed out.  Oh well.  I’ll definitely come to any open auditions they hold in the future.



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