Audition #5: Mystic Ballet

This weeks’ lesson is called “Going to an Audition that you Know You are Completely Unprepared and Unqualified For”.

First, I know you are wondering why I’ve been so quiet.  It’s not just because I haven’t had any auditions this week until now.  Well, something came up and I can’t reveal the details yet.  Part of it is also some injuries I’ve had.  All will be revealed shortly, but you’ll have to keep reading 🙂

So, this Mystic Ballet audition I have been agonizing about going to all week.  I registered on line and watched some of the videos on their website.  A lot of their stuff is actually not en pointe and seems more contemporary/modern.  So I figured it wouldn’t be like auditioning for NY City Ballet or anything too crazy.

Come time for this weekend, I. Really. Don’t. Want. To. Go.  I’m terrified and I’ve taken almost the entire week off of dancing to nurse my injuries.  To name a few:

  1. Pulled hamstring (going on like 12 weeks of still mildly pulled)
  2. Pulled hip flexor – same leg as hamstring, that’s brand new!
  3. Shin splints – from pounding my feet to the chorus call choreography while not completely warmed.
  4. Tendonitis in the right metatarsals – same as above

All of this made it very difficult to get to class this past week.  I tried a ballet and pointe class but everything started hurting half-way through.  My private lesson helped me work some of it out, but I need physical therapy.   I’ve also been using lots of arnica gel,  a tennis ball to roll out the muscles, marbles to work my feet, and turned in calf stretches for the shin splints.

In addition, I am just exhausted from the overwhelming schedule of working 6 days a week full time and running back and forth to all of these auditions non-stop.  Waiting around for hours and then finally getting into the room also seems to cause a sudden rush of nerves and adrenaline that wears you out afterwards.

Good thing I’m only on audition #5.  Heh.

Anyway, Mystic Ballet.  I’m not feeling so good about this one.  I’m thinking I could stay home, go to the gym, shower, and get caught up on some work.  My lovely and encouraging fiance says, “Go and believe that you are a prima ballerina going to an audition, and it’s way below you.  You know, like Natalie Portman had to do!”  Ok, honey, sure!  I definitely tried to take his advice, but did NOT win an Oscar for my performance.  Mainly because I had to actually DANCE the part (sorry Natalie).

I show up and find about 100 girls sitting in a sauna.  Yeah, it was a dance studio at Steps on Broadway.  But at this point in time, it was also a freakin’ sauna!  It must have been 105 degrees and 250% humidity.  No sign of the auditors.  Some of the girls look like serious dancers, a lot of them are only 18 years old, some of them look like me.  Ok, I can handle this!  I’ll get out alive.

Lucky number 116!  There I am in the Holding Room Sauna with 100 other bunheads.

I was put in the first group.  Thank god, I thought.  Let’s get this over with.  I find out from the other girls that they are going to be teaching a ballet barre.  Even better!  I get to pretend I’m taking class.  I don’t have to learn any ridiculous combinations!

Oh, how naive I am.

The first group goes in.  Well, we don’t actually fit.  They have to divide group 1 into two groups and half of us stand aside of the barres while the other group goes.

The barre exercises are the most ridiculous ones I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  In my life.

Not only that but the time signature of the music they’ve picked is near impossible to discern.  Now, I haven’t been training at ballet since I was 3 like most of the other girls in the room, but I’ve danced enough to know when something is ridiculous.

Even the really amazing dancers are stumbling through the exercises and struggling to show their actual dancing ability.  At one point the assistant auditor teaching the combinations asks if we understand the music.  A united and firm “No!” erupts from the entire room.

It was honestly the first time in a ballet barre in a long time that I’ve had to try and sneak a look at the other dancers to find out what was going on.  Normally I have a great capacity for learning stuff quickly, especially ballet barre.  Unlike most modern dance, all the steps are already pre-determined!

But we changed direction and switched from the inside to the outside leg as the working leg about a dozen times in JUST the degage exercise.  So you can only image what the ronde de jambes, developes, frappes, fendus, and grands battements looked like.

Not to mention it is so crowded no one can even show a good extension without kicking 2 other girls in the face.

What can I do but keep a smile on my face and keep going and just keep my chin high.  Maybe pretend I know what I’m doing 🙂

Yeah I didn’t make the cut.

At least I’m revved up for ballet class this week 🙂



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